Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Work Space Reveal

As every blogger knows, once you start, you can't stop! I'm one true to that saying. So, I decided to spruce up my work area! This process involved cleaning, organizing, and DIYing! Sounds like fun, eh? The end results are well worth it, now I have a fun and clean space to get my creativity flowing! 

While practicing my DIY skills, I learned washi tape is your best friend! I got 3 matching washi tape patterns and stuck it everywhere I could, without it looking like "too much". Starting with our plain jane "decorative" mirrors, placing the tapes around the boarder of each mirror added color, patterns and set the colour scheme throughout this project. 
For 25 More Washi Tape Ideas Visit:

Washi taping the mirrors was just the beginning of something new. Now that I had a colour scheme of patterns, the possibilities to recreate my workspace became limitless. Using matching coloured scrapbooking paper, some tape, old boxes, a work space organizer was born! Adding additional flare to the area, while also keeping tidy, what couldn't be better? What about the fact that it's so easy to do too?! 
Here's mine: 
Learn to make your own super cute desk organizer here:
***Notice "My Stache"? After making my desk organizer, I still had scrapbooking paper left over.. hmm..scraps... So, with some markers I wrote "Don't Touch My Stache", then I scurried into the kitchen and found an old mason jar (alfredo sauce jar), stuff the paper in and straighten, (washi tape anybody? perfect place for using some), and TA-DA a change jar for all the loose change around the house!

Next was my whiteboard, essential for just about every functioning household, or at least mine. The whiteboard is like my brain map, laid out to remind my actual brain what it should be doing. Being a creative mind, I figure my whiteboard should show it, which means.... WASHI TAPE! (and color coordination of course. ) However, the space around my whiteboard still seemed plain, white, unused. Fixed that right up with nothing but coffee filters and carboard! Sounds silly, amiright? But it made a frilly monogrammed M that completes the empty space (for now)!                                                         Wanna make your own? Visit to learn how!
The last project I worked on was just as simple as the rest, and needed nothing but a scrapbooking kit and  picture frames. Luckily, I found my scrapbooking kit at Michaels for only $14 by Project Life, and the frames were on sale 4 for $7 at Michaels too. All it took was assembling to my liking, framing, and hanging up!

There you have it! A few simple projects, that even I can do, to brighten up a workspace!

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

When It Feels Like The Cookies Crumbling..

     As a new mommy blogger, my excitement to get started was the cherry on top, to the beginning of my new life as wife, and mother, in a new country, and being extremely young. Yeah, that's a lot for me to take in. With that being said however, I was excited to get writing, and coming up with new post ideas were flying through my head all day, and all night. 
     Unfortunately, getting all the ideas down seemed to be a little more difficult; so, lists were made. Long lists, little things crossed off one-by-one, getting the swing of things slowly but surely. Suddenly, when it comes to actually writing a new post, all the ideas slip away once more. Instead, sitting in front of a blank post screen, thinking... 
     The things that come to mind were: 
  • Why it takes Ben 2-3 hours every night to go to sleep 
  • New things I can try to get Ben to sleep
  • Things I've tried to get Ben to sleep (maybe they might work again in new order?)
  • I'm exhausted from getting this kid to sleep
  • Why is the cat meowing?
  • Why doesn't Ben talk?
  • Ben throws fits, he's tired
  • I'm frustrated
  • Coffee
  • Be quiet, Ben's finally sleeping ( 3 hours later)
  • Clean
  • Sit think again, my life, school, hubby's job, budgeting, stress, blog, etc..
      Because of everything going on around me, and in my mind, I turn into this epitome of "Mom Funk". Mom funk is a changing of mood, depression, over-whelming, stressed. Being in this overall crappy mood isn't good and leaves me short-tempered, impatient, and irritated constantly. I know this isn't me, and I know it's not the little one, or hubby; it's the feeling of walls caving in which causes these things. 
     I eventually give up writing and turn to social media work for Cookie Crumbs and Little Ones. I read everything I can to make my situation better, and will maybe write about how to succeed for others going through the same thing. Today while on Pinterest, I came across a poem from

     This poem gave me the strength to remember why I do the things I do, and why I stress over the things I do. All for the safety, well-being, and happiness for my son, and our family. 
     So, today I've decided to take nap time and write about how to get out of what feels like this never-ending cycle of  "Mom Funk". 

  • Get some air- Ben loves running in his new shoes, find places in walking distance for him, or practice walking with him while pushing the stroller. Take this time to catch a breather and take a break.
  • Make more lists!- Use what you have to make lists for everyday things around the apartment! Visualizing priorities and feelings of accomplishments when completed help, you know that, so do it! Try to involve Ben in the process, make it a game.
  • Seek out help- Everyone around supports you, so don't be afraid to ask for help or advice. You never know what you'll gain. 
  • Stop and breathe- If things get too bad it's okay to step away from the situation to recuperate. Just make sure Ben's in a safe place or being watched. 
  • When unmotivated to do something, find one momspirational post, step away from the screen, and just being. Once something is started, keep that momspiration in your mind and keep going. Once started, finish until done. Things will be tidy, you'll be inspired, happy, fulfilled. The walls won't cave in. 
  • Look good- Simple look good, feel good. It's a girl thing. 

    This is what I've decided to do! Anything anybody else does? ...If anyone's out there?
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From The South To The Big City- With Toddler

Going anywhere with an active toddler can be a hassle. Most of us have experienced the supermarket meltdowns, and if you haven't, then you will at least once. All it takes is something shiny that little hands can't have, then...3..2...1... Bloody Mary screams can be heard from around the world, or at least 5 aisles away. When this happens, instincts break out and it's fight or flight (mostly flight). 

But what happens when you can't run out because your'e on a flight? That's right, we're 
talking about flying with a toddler. 

My husband and I just recently moved from Savannah, GA to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Normally, that's already a long day of travelling, but adding airline mishaps leaving us stuck overnight in Seattle to continue traveling the next day is already a hair-pulling mess. PLUS, adding an impatient little person to the mix, traveling can be teeth-pulling frustration. 

Luckily, I learned a few things to make traveling easier with a toddler. 
  • Practice packing! practice..practice..practice! Knowing how everything is going to fit in your luggage, carry-on, diaper bag, and personal bag is essential. Not only will you get to learn where everything is (so you're not scrambling during a baby blow-up 10 minutes before departure while running to your gate), but also visualize how much you're really bringing and how you're going to carry it all.
    • Traveling with my son and my husband, we had 3 checked bags, a checked car seat, a checked playpen, 2 carry-on bags, diaper bag, and the stroller.
  • Check airlines! Depending on what airlines you fly there can be extra fees for checking things like a playpen. Luckily, the person checking our bags waived some fees since we had so much! 
  • Make sure all traveling documents are easily accessible and organized! I bought a traveling 5 folder file before leaving, it paid off being able to not need to think about one more thing!
  • BE EARLY! Be even earlier than early, like extra early! You never know when something might go wrong either with the airlines, yourself, or your ticking toddler!
  • Get comfy! It's going to be a long day, so bring everything to make not only your toddler comfortable, but yourself too! Blankets, pillows, toys, sippy cups, snacks, pacifiers (if needed), books, everything that can fit! (secret to using these diffuses: don't let baby see where the goodies come from or he will fight to have the bag the whole flight, keep the bag secure under the seat and only take out what's needed for the fussy situation) 
  • ASK FOR HELP! It's hard carrying everything while thinking about where to go and dealing with little one, so don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. Most people are glad to help, some even offer to help, use it. 
  • RELAX! Traveling will be over before you know it, and looking back you'll be proud you got through it.
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The First Bite! Introduction to new mommy blog

It's no secret I'm a new mommy blogger. That's right I'm popping my blogger cherry!- er.. maybe that's not the way to start, but like I said I'm new! Sometimes new things can be intimidating, we've all had that feeling.  

BUT here's the real deal. 

I hope to watch this blog flourish and grow along with myself and my family. My goal is to learn new things as a wife and mother, and share my experiences with others. I plan to write about tips, tricks, stories, ideas, family time, the whole nine yards. 

From one mother to another, this is just the beginning. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

The First Taste

From The Start..
     The beginning of my story line is a bit blurry, given the circumstances of the curves in every situation; much like every other story. However, as far as I'm concerned, it starts with meeting my husband, in Germany, 6 years ago. Skip ahead all the drama of us only being in the 8th grade at the time, and skip through high school, cause eventually that's all an over-stated blur too. Then my story picks back up in Georgia, at 17 years old, fresh out of school, and with a baby. That's right, I'm a southern peach. Unlike my husband, Joe, who was born and raised in big cities; but he saw this peach and just had to pick it. So, here we are now, sippin' sweet tea in the heart of Vancouver.
     My husband and I are young newly weds with a toddler, which more than occasionally gets questioned. Yes, we are just starting off in life, in every aspect of life. However, we are surrounded with love and support from our families, even though they're thousands of miles away. We're on a journey together,through scraping by, to building up, through becoming parents, to becoming even better parents, and through misguided paths, to new directions; we are on a journey as a family. 
Bites About The Family..

     I'm Sydni. I've lived a few different places, but regardless the south is my home. Whether it be those who raised me, or where I was raised, I'm blessed for it all. I like my tea like my husband, strong and super sweet. I'm a full time stay-at-home mommy, soon-to-be mommy blogger, and always learning more!

     My husband, Joe, works in Animation as a 3D modeler. He is a former soccer player that hopes to one day coach our son. My husband is a very caring humanitarian, always hoping to help make things better for others.  

  And this little trouble maker is our son, Benjamin. He is 16 months old, has nearly all his teeth. His favourite things to do are play "Catch Me" or "where's Ben", read books, play at the playground, and go on walks. He loves snack times, cuddle times, play times, and bath time. Dislikes nap times. And his best friend is our kitten, Tinker Cat.