Monday, July 20, 2015

The First Taste

From The Start..
     The beginning of my story line is a bit blurry, given the circumstances of the curves in every situation; much like every other story. However, as far as I'm concerned, it starts with meeting my husband, in Germany, 6 years ago. Skip ahead all the drama of us only being in the 8th grade at the time, and skip through high school, cause eventually that's all an over-stated blur too. Then my story picks back up in Georgia, at 17 years old, fresh out of school, and with a baby. That's right, I'm a southern peach. Unlike my husband, Joe, who was born and raised in big cities; but he saw this peach and just had to pick it. So, here we are now, sippin' sweet tea in the heart of Vancouver.
     My husband and I are young newly weds with a toddler, which more than occasionally gets questioned. Yes, we are just starting off in life, in every aspect of life. However, we are surrounded with love and support from our families, even though they're thousands of miles away. We're on a journey together,through scraping by, to building up, through becoming parents, to becoming even better parents, and through misguided paths, to new directions; we are on a journey as a family. 
Bites About The Family..

     I'm Sydni. I've lived a few different places, but regardless the south is my home. Whether it be those who raised me, or where I was raised, I'm blessed for it all. I like my tea like my husband, strong and super sweet. I'm a full time stay-at-home mommy, soon-to-be mommy blogger, and always learning more!

     My husband, Joe, works in Animation as a 3D modeler. He is a former soccer player that hopes to one day coach our son. My husband is a very caring humanitarian, always hoping to help make things better for others.  

  And this little trouble maker is our son, Benjamin. He is 16 months old, has nearly all his teeth. His favourite things to do are play "Catch Me" or "where's Ben", read books, play at the playground, and go on walks. He loves snack times, cuddle times, play times, and bath time. Dislikes nap times. And his best friend is our kitten, Tinker Cat.

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