Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Work Space Reveal

As every blogger knows, once you start, you can't stop! I'm one true to that saying. So, I decided to spruce up my work area! This process involved cleaning, organizing, and DIYing! Sounds like fun, eh? The end results are well worth it, now I have a fun and clean space to get my creativity flowing! 

While practicing my DIY skills, I learned washi tape is your best friend! I got 3 matching washi tape patterns and stuck it everywhere I could, without it looking like "too much". Starting with our plain jane "decorative" mirrors, placing the tapes around the boarder of each mirror added color, patterns and set the colour scheme throughout this project. 
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Washi taping the mirrors was just the beginning of something new. Now that I had a colour scheme of patterns, the possibilities to recreate my workspace became limitless. Using matching coloured scrapbooking paper, some tape, old boxes, a work space organizer was born! Adding additional flare to the area, while also keeping tidy, what couldn't be better? What about the fact that it's so easy to do too?! 
Here's mine: 
Learn to make your own super cute desk organizer here:
***Notice "My Stache"? After making my desk organizer, I still had scrapbooking paper left over.. hmm..scraps... So, with some markers I wrote "Don't Touch My Stache", then I scurried into the kitchen and found an old mason jar (alfredo sauce jar), stuff the paper in and straighten, (washi tape anybody? perfect place for using some), and TA-DA a change jar for all the loose change around the house!

Next was my whiteboard, essential for just about every functioning household, or at least mine. The whiteboard is like my brain map, laid out to remind my actual brain what it should be doing. Being a creative mind, I figure my whiteboard should show it, which means.... WASHI TAPE! (and color coordination of course. ) However, the space around my whiteboard still seemed plain, white, unused. Fixed that right up with nothing but coffee filters and carboard! Sounds silly, amiright? But it made a frilly monogrammed M that completes the empty space (for now)!                                                         Wanna make your own? Visit to learn how!
The last project I worked on was just as simple as the rest, and needed nothing but a scrapbooking kit and  picture frames. Luckily, I found my scrapbooking kit at Michaels for only $14 by Project Life, and the frames were on sale 4 for $7 at Michaels too. All it took was assembling to my liking, framing, and hanging up!

There you have it! A few simple projects, that even I can do, to brighten up a workspace!

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