Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From The South To The Big City- With Toddler

Going anywhere with an active toddler can be a hassle. Most of us have experienced the supermarket meltdowns, and if you haven't, then you will at least once. All it takes is something shiny that little hands can't have, then...3..2...1... Bloody Mary screams can be heard from around the world, or at least 5 aisles away. When this happens, instincts break out and it's fight or flight (mostly flight). 

But what happens when you can't run out because your'e on a flight? That's right, we're 
talking about flying with a toddler. 

My husband and I just recently moved from Savannah, GA to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Normally, that's already a long day of travelling, but adding airline mishaps leaving us stuck overnight in Seattle to continue traveling the next day is already a hair-pulling mess. PLUS, adding an impatient little person to the mix, traveling can be teeth-pulling frustration. 

Luckily, I learned a few things to make traveling easier with a toddler. 
  • Practice packing! practice..practice..practice! Knowing how everything is going to fit in your luggage, carry-on, diaper bag, and personal bag is essential. Not only will you get to learn where everything is (so you're not scrambling during a baby blow-up 10 minutes before departure while running to your gate), but also visualize how much you're really bringing and how you're going to carry it all.
    • Traveling with my son and my husband, we had 3 checked bags, a checked car seat, a checked playpen, 2 carry-on bags, diaper bag, and the stroller.
  • Check airlines! Depending on what airlines you fly there can be extra fees for checking things like a playpen. Luckily, the person checking our bags waived some fees since we had so much! 
  • Make sure all traveling documents are easily accessible and organized! I bought a traveling 5 folder file before leaving, it paid off being able to not need to think about one more thing!
  • BE EARLY! Be even earlier than early, like extra early! You never know when something might go wrong either with the airlines, yourself, or your ticking toddler!
  • Get comfy! It's going to be a long day, so bring everything to make not only your toddler comfortable, but yourself too! Blankets, pillows, toys, sippy cups, snacks, pacifiers (if needed), books, everything that can fit! (secret to using these diffuses: don't let baby see where the goodies come from or he will fight to have the bag the whole flight, keep the bag secure under the seat and only take out what's needed for the fussy situation) 
  • ASK FOR HELP! It's hard carrying everything while thinking about where to go and dealing with little one, so don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. Most people are glad to help, some even offer to help, use it. 
  • RELAX! Traveling will be over before you know it, and looking back you'll be proud you got through it.
What do you do when traveling with little ones?  Comment, Share, & Follow!

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